Life is just full of revelations that can either knock you down or empower you to the ultimate ecstasy of your life even if just for a few moments.

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find love, or will it find you: Hi guys! Okay, so this is crazy, but a friend of mind’s little sister... ↘


Hi guys!

Okay, so this is crazy, but a friend of mind’s little sister is having brain surgery, similar to the one my friend CJ had a month ago when we tried to get Owl City to tweet her get well, and it was successful. However, this time we are trying to get a member of One Direction to tweet get…

PLease read this guys; one of my friend’s friend’s sister is having brain surgery later on today.  We are trying to get One Direction to send her a good well message.  Please click on this link.

With one step forward we reached where we are now, but if that intial step had been different, then where would we be now?

So, in the search for who I am, I realized that I never lost myself; throughout this mess of a year, I found out who I really am.



(by neamoscou)

Language is the true barrier

- me

I’ve been neglecting Tumblr

In Urma Ta by Sistem ft. Deepcentral


Raman in urma ta

Lacrimi ce ard si sting,

Raman si eu un suflet

Gol de tine plin.

Frunze in zbor ma lovesc,

Nu mai pot tresari.

Nu mai simt toamna

Care-n mine a venit.

Nimeni nu-mi raspunde in noapte,

Ochii tai se pierd printre ploi

Hoinaresc in talpile goale

Prin trecutul in doi.

Strazile pustii ma-nconjoara,

Ca-ntr-un labirint ne-am pierdut,

Bate ceasul noptii in gara,

Vise, trenuri, se duc.

Dar nu te pot uita,

Nu pot uita nimic si doare.

Cum sa te pot uita,

Nu pot trai in urma ta. x2 

Dar nu te pot uita,

Nu pot uita nimic si doare.

Cum sa te pot uita,

Nu pot trai ïn urma ta. x2 

The lyrics are so sad and meaningful with a lot of metaphors that took me a little bit to figure out, as they cannot be translated directly. This song speaks of someone being left behind but not being able to forget.

Sistem and Deepcentral made an English version titled “I Fucked Up”, but that song is not even a translation of the Romanian one! It’s a completely new song. I have no idea where from the beautiful Romanian chorus of,roughly translated, “But I cannot forget, I cannot forget and it hurts, how can I forget?, I cannot live in your wake” they arrived to “I know that I fucked up, I need you to forgive me baby, I know that I fucked up, just take me the way I am”. Don’t get me wrong, the English version is beautiful, but, all in all, it’s a new song - I know that you cannot really translate a song word for word; however, it seems like nothing from the Romanian version is preserved in the new English version.

Language - any language - is a true barrier in expressing emotions.

The English version:

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I've been thinking a lot lately, since I'm usually alone with nothing to do and such. One of the 30 or so topics I think about each day is why I did not say I was Rebel. I'll tell you why now that I myself found out why: I was afraid. When I first wrote anonymously, I felt something click, almost like a deep certain way of thinking went off in my head. As I progressed, I found myself thinking that way. I was afraid that if I said who I was, I would have that way of thinking shut off from the fact that the mystery was gone, wich almost was a form of energy to be harvested for that way of thinking. So, I wanted to continue trying to think like that, as before I thought blandly. By the way, you don't need to anwer this or anything, just thought I'd message this to you.

Interesting. Sounds like you were taking on a new persona or linking to your soul that you were afraid to express.

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The way I feel each and every day…alone